Sheraton Vistana Resort 0th Anniversary

Creative and Art Direction
Identity Design

Additional Credits:
Melissa Smith, Copy

In 2020, Sheraton Vistana Resort is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its opening in 1980. To commemorate the occasion, we created a campaign that reflects the energizing, comforting and confident essence of the resort and the greater Sheraton® brand.

Sheraton Vistana Resort Orlando 40th Anniversary pieces

From the very beginning I wanted to create a connection between the Anniversary logo and the greater Sheraton® brand. The first step was to go through the company’s brand book to gain a better understanding about the overarching logo and the thought process behind its design. The illustration belows shows the logo evolution and its graphic rationale.

40th Anniversary Sheraton logo process

It was clear that the logo should be made out of lines and/or shapes. I took the symbolic representations for "gathering" plus "the world" and began to explore with different lines and shapes combinations. The final logo design and the ribbon element shown later in the process are a direct product of these explorations.

40th Anniversary Sheraton logo process
40th Anniversary logo

The final logo is a mix of lines, in four different colors following Sheraton’s brand color hierarchy illustrated below. For the typography inside the zero, I decided to utilize the brand’s serif font since it felt more appropriate for the occasion.

40th Anniversary brand overview

I proceeded to create four one-color variations of the logo to be used on pieces that will be produced in one ink.

40th Anniversary logo in different colors

After the logo design process was completed, I created a celebratory ribbon to be used on all of the campaign materials. It contains four lines, each line/color representing ten years in business for a total of forty years.

40th Anniversary ribbon

The first design to introduce the logo and celebratory ribbon was a pole banner to be hung around the property. I later created four more variations, each in a different brand color.

40th Anniversary pole banner
40th Anniversary pole banners
40th Anniversary pole banners

Finally, to commemorate this important occasion among the employees and with the intent to be sold, I designed a hard enamel pin with a custom printed backing.

40th Annniversary pin
40th Anniversary pin mockup