Accolades List

ADDY Awards

Silver ADDY 1
The Marketplace campaign
Product or Service Sales Promotion Campaign category.

Logo Lounge

Book 11 1
Goods of Horror icon
Over 35,000 logos were submitted for consideration.
Only 2,500 were chosen.

Book 9 1
Dffernandez logo
Over 22,000 logos were submitted for consideration.

Book 6 1
2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers

The Den logo
Over 20,000 logos were submitted for consideration.
Only 2,000 were chosen.

Master Library, Volume 4 3
3000 Type & Calligraphy Logos

Hipkat logo
Stilts Bar & Grille logo
The Grande Cove logo

Over 20,000 logos were submitted for consideration.
Only 3,000 were chosen.

American Inhouse Design Awards

Brochure Design 3
Discover brochure
Marriott Vacation Club Talent Acquisition brochure
Share brochures

Logo Design 3
Marriott’s Willow Ridge Pool & Bar logo
The Agency logo
The Den logo

Printed Collateral 2
Latin America invitations
Marriott’s Ocean Watch door hangers

ARDA Awards

Electronic Communication 2
Finalist, P13 email
Finalist, 4 Whys sales presentation webinar

Logo Design 2
Finalist, The Den logo
Finalist, The Wreck Room logo

Printed Collateral 3
Finalist, Onboarding Associate handbook
Finalist, Sales Recruiting brochure
Finalist, Talent Acquisition brochure

Newsletter Electronic Format 3
Winner, Starting Point email newsletter
Finalist, Talent Acquisition brochure
Finalist, The Insider e-newsletter